MU Online Grand Opening 1 January GMT+2 20:00

Mu Online Server Information

    Registration avable on 1 January 2018

    Grand Opening 1 January 20:00 GMT+2!

    After 2 months job with server configuration we can avouch that is ready for re-opening. MU Online is back with new stable server, ddos-guard prottection and premium server files. We offer you a dubble server fully working MU:Ex150 and Ex 15 Server Files. Fully protected server. has well-considered gameplay and its professionally developed and maintained to deliver best stability and high performance.

    What to expect from this Mu Online Server? is made for people who like original gameplay without custom features. Working all Exp 150 and Exp 15, events/features. Whole gameplay is well considered , Attention has been paid to every single game detail. We cant tell that our server is best , but we can guarantee, that you wont find second server like this, we are different from other servers. main game value is zen, low exp, and medium exp, item drops, medium zen rate.
    If you want to experience qualitative gameplay with low rate server configurations and where administration cares about players,then this is place for you!

  • Season 6 Arkania Full (MU:Ex150)
  • Experience: Server 1 Gold PVP 15x item Drop Rate: 40%
  • Experience: Server 2 PVP 150x item Drop Rate: 40%
  • Levelup points: 5/7(Normal)
  • Max Resets Server Exp 15: 15x (Grand Reset)
  • Max Resets Server Exp 150: 30x (Grand Reset)
  • Credit win by voting and RR
  • Devil Squer gives you box, broken horn
  • Webiste with webshop
  • New maps and spots
  • Master Grand reset and Grand reset with Reword
  • Invazion manager with medusa and manny others
  • Blood Castel gives you ramdom box, jwl, talisman
  • Off-Trade system & Botpets
  • LongTerm Server & Online 24/7

Mu Online Ex150 Mu Online Ex150 Mu Online Ex150 Mu Online Ex150